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Uncover the Hidden Gems of Tilda Allie's "Theme II"

Tilda Allie "Theme II" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Photo Credit Maria Nunes

By: Craig Claro

Tilda Allie releases "Theme II"

Is a song music, or is it a medium to convey a message? Happiness, love, what our purpose in life is? How much can we get from a song? How many famous and antique paintings, or buildings have been examined and found to have layers or information buried beyond our typical sight abilities?

Tilda Allie and "Theme II" is a textbook of information and has layers and displays both hidden and obvious thought-provoking visual and audio messages.

The song addresses and delves into the themes of capitalism and existentialism. Do we have free will? Are all of us programmed to be consumers and workers just to continue to consume the goods sold by these profiteers?

Tilda utilizes Theme II to "represent the breakdown of the human ego and explores themes of existentialism and capitalism." When reading this and watching the accompanying visualizer I was intrigued by the explanation of how the video was created.

"Inspired by the raw landscape of Sweden the strings & the contemporary but classical piano takes you on a cinematic journey into the Nordic wilderness. This was a 0€ budget production and a two-woman crew – Tilda & Maria took inspiration from raw nature and repurposed old clothes and vintage items to convey both the natural and the material world," Tilda says.

This video represents the thoughts and questions but also utilizes the methods described in said video to express these thoughts in the most genuine way, by spending no money. utilizing a free landscape and having to garner repurposed items, I found this to be exciting. I bet it was more difficult to do it this way, and would have been easier to just spend money. This to me added to the "layers" that will be peeled back by eagle-eyed spectators, both now and in time.

Vocally it's a very beautiful performance and the song could literally stand alone and be 100% acapella and still have the same impact. This however takes nothing away from the beautiful piano accompaniment. It travels outward to one's senses as a story and a song fully immersed within one another.

Tilda Allie collaborated with Portuguese filmmaker Maria Nunes & composer Laura Lesourd for this awe-inspiring content.

Take yourself on a journey and try to see your world and the world we could live in without the external forces that drive us to do what we do by absorbing the message and thoughts of this song by Tilda Allie.

Tilda Allie "Theme II" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Photo Credit: Maria Nunes

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