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Ruto releases "Double Speak" and the title is talking about more than just your words.

RUTO "Double Speak" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Courtesy of RUTO

By: Craig Claro

Ruto's "Double Speak" addresses you.... and themselves in the genre and style of blended song. Double Speak is typically synonymous with having to decipher someone else's bullshit, but what happens when we are included in that situation/equation?

Self-reflection is the most powerful force in the universe. Well to me it has become, so this song and the creator’s message aligned strikingly with my own feelings.

Auto says, "The song is about gaslighting, especially of oneself. Whether it's in our personal or professional lives I found myself convincing myself of things that didn't benefit me. This song was an expression of that confusion and in a way, it helped me let go of that negative habit."

Now while my self-reflection and correction of my own issues were very dissimilar (and irrelevant) to Ruto's, the foundation of finding and implementing one's own self-improvement was not. I learned that if I improved myself, my relationships and my own happiness would grow exponentially. WOW! Holy shit! WE CAN SOMETIMES BE OUR OWN FUCKIN PROBLEM?!

YA! The mirror and our own thoughts and words are sometimes 99% of the cause of the shit we wind up eating. So when I read and listened to Double Speak I gave Ruto a virtual high five. It's an audio therapy lesson and I for one think they need to charge more for this session! Ruto is a solo artist project brought to us by Oscar Bautista who composes and records all the instruments.

The song's layers and genres are complex and I have learned that creating multiple genres may sound easier because you have more at your disposal, but it's actually harder because like a bartender, knowing how to make more drinks isn't easier, it's actually just having to memorize more, and literally understand more. The tone and beats that open the song swirl and then feel like it's speeding up and has a jazz and rock feel. The vocals are definitely Pet Shop Boys. Not so much similar in actual sound but the delivery in that it's a story and dismissive and blase yet you fixate on the lyrics even more that they aren't screaming at you. It's also got a bit of the singer providing harmonies (at least that's what I extracted) and it filled in nicely and again increased and decreased the sensation of the tempo with this technique.

The lyrics tell us "All I need is a little bit of truth" - and Ruto wants it from themself. Sometimes we are our staunchest enemy and the more willpower you have the bigger the battle. In this case, the battle was won and the result was a really cool song with a great melody on a very well performed track.

RUTO "Double SpeakI" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Courtesy of RUTO

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