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Maze Cricket Expresses Herself Freely With Lyrics in French For Her New Single "Sillage"

Maze Cricket, "The Cage" a music discovery blog by Cage Riot / Review by Craig Claro
Courtesy of Maze Cricket

By: Craig Claro

Maze Cricket delivers an emotionally driven psytrance track fueled by a dark experience. If you listen to the past works of this mind-thrilling artist you will be surprised to hear the lyrics of their latest release "Sillage" are delivered in French.

When asked about this the reply was, "I discovered that I can express myself more creatively through the French language, this release feels more like home to me."

Myself, as the listener, hearing a track with so much emotion drew me closer to delving into the meaning of the lyrics.

"First of all this track is inspired by my own personal story with an abusive relationship, the lyrics are a poetic way of describing how I felt."

After learning that and then reading the translated lyrics, the sad and melancholy feeling I received is now understood to have been paired well like properly picked wine and cheese. Throughout the song, the quivering notes flew all around my headphones creating elements of anxiety. The synths drew out my emotions, but I loved when the song's tempo was driven and felt both sped up and slowed down at intervals by the emphasis and induction of Maze Cricket's vocal delivery.

I think this song's message can also be that music is such a powerful testament that regardless of the language, the creator can move your mood and mind in a direction with a vessel of breath and emotional experiences delivered by the artist intertwined with sounds that become transposed onto us. I don't speak this language and yet received the full message of the song before fully knowing its origins. When an artist delivers emotion without words, it literally excites every part of my being. If you similarly enjoy this type of experience check out "Sillage". I additionally love the retro-style synthpop which is beautifully written and performed.


Maze Cricket - review in The Cage, Cage Riot Music Magazine
Photo courtesy of Maze Cricket

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