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Luch Stefano's New Single "Butterflies": A Melodic Tale of Love and Romance

Luch Stefano  "Butterflies" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Courtesy of Luch Stefano

By: Craig Claro

Luch Stefano releases "Butterflies" and it's about a date, and the only thing similar to a butterfly is that this love connection floated away!

Luch Stefano, singer-songwriter/vocalist and acoustic guitarist wows with a breathy and bassy vocal intro that tempts your ears into instantly wanting more! I implore you to check out the opening lyrical display at the inception of this track. I bet live this is a real crowd-pleaser (def felt a little Jim Morrison here - think "The Crystal Ship"). With a colorful and fun poppy, but also grittier rock feel, this song will be great in the car with the top down or at a live venue with the crowd undoubtedly packed in to sing along. It's about a date and how it just didn't feel romantic or bring about the proverbial "Butterflies on a summer night" (or other places strategically located on one's body - this was a terrific lyric btw - I'll let you hear this one without spoiling).

There are plenty of acoustic-based singers but Luch Stefano is perfectly designed for this style. I think the varying vocal tones and powerful expressions dictated are really entertaining and really pull the listener in. The song is commercially ready for mass appeal. Luch is currently recording a 15-track album called HErARTWORK. They are released as singles every six weeks. This is rack 4, "I Like it On You", "Two Beers" and "Tiny Bedroom" have all been released already. Being told he recorded this himself in his room was an absolute shock to us because the quality is outstanding.

Stefano says, "The single was recorded by myself in my room. I am producing 99% of this album with the help here and there from my mixing engineer to add creative ideas at times. Once this is done, he keeps my FX ON to keep the vision and cleans it up as much as he can without me noticing! Then it was mastered by Stuart Hawkes who mastered the whole of Ed Sheeran's album and many more very popular artists in the charts".

The money spent here on this team was 100% worth it, take a listen for yourself!

If you have been on a date and felt less than underwhelmed, or knew your date was as well, then this song will bring a chuckle because it's not a love song...but you will love it.

Luch Stefano  "Butterflies" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Courtesy of Luch Stefano

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