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Kelly Phoenix's "Move On Up": Inspiring Music to Unleash Your Full Potential

Kelly Phoenix "Move On Up" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Courtesy of Kelly Phoenix

By: Craig Claro

Kelly Phoenix releases "Move On Up" and it's intended to bring the best out in all of us.

With a catchy upbeat tempo and emphatic vocals, this song has a pulse throbbing beat that also carries some very sweet bassy melodies. There is definitely some throwback jam homage that pulls the vocal styling of MJ and others, combining breathy-filled drops with full-on screams to bring the rise high, and then when you hear "I think I wanna dance" you know it's the 80's brought to life. The song has a message too.

Phoenix says, "I made it to give a sense of hope that no matter what you might be going through you must still believe in yourself and know that love is all around, you just have to tap into that frequency to receive it and give it back."

Some of the best partying that we have all experienced comes at the heels of something shitty. Shitty job, shitty ex, shitty drivers (we're looking at you LA) so to be motivated to find happiness at the end of a song that is now swapped out for this proverbial rainbow, we definitely want to be a part of that. Take that bad energy and tap into the positive and let's "Move On Up".

This song has been pulled together by a qualified group of musicians.

Obviously, Kelly Phoenix holding the mic but also Don Boyette who used to tour with Michael Jackson on the Bad and Dangerous Tours plays Bass, Ruben Tibi who is the main arranger and co-writer plays keys and synths, Sergiu Gherman provides some horn elements. In addition to this, parts of the song were recorded in Paris and LA which I'm sure added to the texture.

If you need a reason to find and swap bad energy for good this song is the place to look.

Kelly Phoenix "Move On Up" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Courtesy of Kelly Phoenix

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