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"Hey!" - Foundry Town Survivors Release, Proving Rock and Roll Will Never Die

 Foundry Town Survivors "Hey" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot
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Foundry Town Survivors release "Hey!" proving once and for all, rock and roll will never die... (thanks Neil for the prediction).

Using a Hammond B3 organ, a staple of Goliath bands like the Doors and yes, we instantly connected with this classic rock-influenced song by Foundry Town Survivors. We are big fans of the full and gritty arrangement. The lyrics that were sung, “I was minding my own business until you came aloooong and slayed me” is a great representation of the devil may care attitude of the rock and rock icon generation.

It gave me the feeling that Foundry Town Survivors were good before you showed up and wanted you to know that they don't appreciate your input or imposition into their life and well... there's the door. As real rock and roll will always have it, the guitar solo comes screeching in like a '69 Hemi Barracuda. The strings being torn up are really in line with our rock and roll playbook. A good rock guitar solo is literally an entity of its own and this one feels like it has enough bite to draw blood. The drums are fast and loose and the vocals are ready to be chanted at any festival. I predict many beers will be spilled as each verse of "Hey!" screamed out by the crowd. At $15 a beer this is already a pretty expensive track lol.

I did enjoy how the vocals managed to stroll in... and kinda kick you in the ass all at the same time. Reading credits like, "Written by Mark Tomorsky and Tommy Johnsmiller, mixed and mastered by FTS’ secret weapon, Jeff Peters (Beach Boys, Timothy B. Schmit, Brian Setzer)", tells us this song has the touches of some of the best talents the industry has to offer so no wonder it sounds so good!

Tommy Johnsmiller says, “This is the song we all wanted to write back in high school, except that most of what we wrote back then was garbage! (laughs) It wasn’t until we reached this point with our writing and producing that we felt that we could do justice to a song like Hey!”
“Needless to say, “boy/girl” songs have literally been done to death and beyond. We knew we had to put our own twist on it to keep it fun and exciting without surrendering to the typical treatments that you usually hear," Mark Tomorsky adds.

Foundry Town Survivors and Hey! is available on all streaming platforms and you need to get a beer, a festival and ... you get what we are telling you!!!!

Foundry Town Survivors "Hey"- review with The Cage, a music blog by Cage Riot.
Tommy Johnsmiller and Mark Tomorsky Courtesy of Foundry Town Survivors

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