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Experience the Magical Rhythm of Stellan Perrick's "Moon Dance"

Stellan Perrick "Moon Dance" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Courtesy of Stellan Perrick

By: Craig Claro

Stellan Perrick releases "Moon Dance"

Most dance music has the dance element being topped off with "dance" as the lyrical force. Think of the song "Boogie Wonderland", we dance because, well.. we are being told to. The moon is a powerful force on us and Stellan Perrick wants it to be the driving force behind your hips shaking.

Perrick says, "The Moon is almost looked at like a drug that makes people go “lunatic” as the lyric speaks".

I have always seen the moon as the power force that drives humans' moods and pulls on the largest resource on our surface, our water. In folklore, we are also told werewolves and vampires can only survive in its light. I think this is one pretty cool connection. Imagine if we could harness the energy of the moon and use it to instigate the nature we all hold within ourselves (c'm you know what I'm talking about - dancing in the sheets!). This song insinuates the moon can make us crazy, but also the creator says this: "the artist has left the piece to be interpreted by the audience however they like. I am absolutely digging on this and think we all need to find the bite in ourselves and dig into that which turns us on, in the moonlight. Moon Dance is funky and has a sexy presentation that when delivered on the dance floor would most definitely bring hearts and minds and bodies together. I felt the energy of the song has a great build and the bassy supporting track delivers the rhythm in R&B. Halfway through we get another sexy solo and the singer once again brings a sultry and alluring demeanor. I think this song is something you might want to request the next time you are at the dance club and see the reaction. If you get lucky, thank me...oops I mean Stellan Perrick.

Stellan Perrick'"Moon Dance" The Cage, a music blog powered by Cage Riot -  Craig Claro, Editor
Courtesy of Stellan Perrick

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