We are currently hiring interns for Spring 2022.

Candidates must meet these requirements:

  • Receive academic credit for the participating semester;

  • Enrolled in a four-year accredited college;

  • Passionate and knowledgeable about the music industry

Positions* available: 
  • Social Media  : Work with a team to create,  connect for multiple social media platforms. Interact and engage with audience to grow online presence. 
  • Playlist Curator: Review new releases and previous released songs for placement. 
  • Publicity Assistant: Press releases, pitching and  researching new media outlets. 
  •  A&R: Scouting new artists and music. 
  • Content Team Assistant for Distribution and Sync Licensing
  • Show Managers: Nashville, LA and NYC.
  • Videographers and photographers for live sessions in Nashville.  
Internship* or volunteer:
The Cage offers fan based music blog. The available positions are volunteer basis and unpaid. 
Music Writers:
  • Write song reviews, album reviews, concert reviews, spotlights, and a variety of other pieces at least once per week
  •  Interview artists
Concert Photographers:
  • Photographers must also be writers, and provide a review of the show.  We do assist with press passes.
*These positions are remote (unpaid - for College Credit).