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We make it about you and your music!
Cage Riot formed an independent artist community in 2017 to provide a discovery platform through playlisting, music reviews and hundreds of shows across the US.

Today we have landed where we always dreamed and that is a community with the support for you to break through.



Become a Cage Riot Artist today! 
Why should you choose us?
We are not just Distribution. We provide the best and most in artist services. 
We are not a label, but we have all the tools like a label. With our top-notch support team, we are the first phase of you building your team. We are here for you! 
All our services are à la carte (non-exclusive)
  1. You don’t need to distribute with us to use any of our services
  2. Keep your Independence, control your career
  3. No contracts. No influence or control of your music. Keep your masters!
  • You receive your own pro artist account. Set up your smart links, your pre-save links and more. 
  • YouTube Content ID | Publishing Admin
  • Our content team will pitch your release to Spotify,  Apple, Deezer and Amazon editors.  
  • Marketing support through CAGE RIOT's blog, socials, digitial advertising and playlists. 
  • All releases are screened for Sync Licensing. 
  • Music Video Distribution to our premium partners such as  VEVO, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and more.
  • Anyone can join our self-service platform, and start distributing with CAGE RIOT today.

What happens when you make CAGE RIOT your distribution partner?


Audio Video Supply Chain

From one convenient platform, efficiently package and deliver both your audio and visual content to meet partner specifications. 

Global Distribution Simplified

Access to over 200 partners around the world. Monetize your music videos, sound recordings, and compositions from one platform.

Advanced Rights Management​ (YouTube Content ID)

 Manage complex ownership splits between stakeholders and set ownership by territory and/or asset type.  Set your policies and see your UGC claims via mobile or desktop.

Royalty Payments

 Let Cage Riot be your royalty payment solution. Our Royalty Center will allow you to keep an eye on  your bottom line by designating royalty splits for every contributor and paying stakeholders directly from the platform

Data Analytics 

Be in the know and on the go. Monitor your top audio and video content on social media and digital service  providers. Direct access to  performance and revenue analytics anytime, anywhere.

audio and video distribution
CAGE RIOT'S LEVEL 2 - Invitation Only
You receive everything listed above. 
  • Full press campaign for your releases.
  • We highly promote every release with our digital advertising team.
  • On going advertising through DSP's, Social Media, YouTube and Google. 
  • Direct to Fan Marketing
  • Artist Selected by CAGE RIOT's A&R Team
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Natalie Claro


Cage Riot Artists - music distribution

Craig Claro, Yvonne Claro

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