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You have made the first step in introducing your music to new fans globally.


We prioritize fans and use a personalized approach to manage your digital ad campaign. Our main goal is to increase the fan base and streaming by driving conversions. Each campaign is tailored to the promoted song and closely monitored around the clock to ensure it reaches the ideal target audience. As a results-focused agency, our primary objective is to attract authentic, engaged fans to our artists while staying at the forefront of industry research.


The first stage of the promotional effort focuses on introducing your music to new audiences by strategically placing your song in front of the most receptive listeners using Spotify's algorithm. The main goal is to maximize visibility and attract individuals whose musical tastes align with your unique style.


The success of a campaign goes beyond just increasing your stream count. It involves integrating into a comprehensive marketing plan. This comprehensive approach includes:

  • Strategically introducing your music to the right audience.

  • Re-engaging with those listeners.

  • Establishing communication channels.

  • Ultimately building a community of dedicated fans.


What's Next?

1.  Please add us to your Spotify For Artist Team. This will allow you to monitor your audience growth directly.

Please use the email and the name Cage Riot to send the invite.  

2.   Be prepared with a minimum of two 15-second vertical videos.

3. The campaign is for 30 days. Our agency fee is for up to $500 ad spend.  You can continue by purchasing another campaign when you reach the $500 ad spend. There is a $5 per day minimum ad spend.  You will prompted to add your ad spend at the end of your intake form. 

4. Click below to get started!

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